Homeopathic Treatment for Depression


Today every person is suffering from different types of mental and physical disorders due to changed life style. Physical disorders can be diagnosed easily and patient takes treatment accordingly as soon as possible, but there are no objective markers in case of mental diseases; so they cannot be diagnosed easily and if there are some symptoms, patient ignores them because he hesitates to consult a doctor about some psychiatric trouble and cause is feeling of inferiority complex. Nowadays most of the diseases are due to mental disturbances and my personal view is that it all due to motivating towards materialism in place of spiritualism.

Different Types of Mental Diseases:

Mental diseases are classified as different types in medical science and there is one type known as mood disorders. In this class there are 2 types – (1) Depression (2) Mania. There are so many patients of depression in the world and number is increasing rapidly, around 13 – 20% people of whole population are suffering from depression. Depression is mainly found in women, socially and economically poor people, divorcees etc.

Depression is a distressing condition, which leads to the feeling of inferiority complex, sadness, negative thinking, weakness etc. It affects the potential of a person. His behavior becomes negative for everything e.g. ignoring his cleanliness or dresses and sitting idle etc. If we look at patient’s face, we will notice his hanged lips or corners of mouth, wrinkles on his face and few streaks on his forehead,wide opened eyes without blinking eyelashes,stoopshoulders etc. His body movements become lessened or totally absent.


Causes of Mental Diseases:

·         Genetic causes – Incidence of depression is 20% higher in children of those parents who are suffering from severe depression.

·         Physical causes – Sever and chronic diseases, incurable diseases such as cancer or heart problem may be the cause of depression.

·         Family atmosphere -Separation of parents, separation from parents or ignorance of child due to sever disease of parents.

·         Predisposing or sudden causes – Failure in career, loss of money, disappointed love, adverse conditions etc.



·         Dejection, sadness, irritation and negative thoughts.

·         Feeling of worthlessness.

·         Loss of weight or gain of weight (minimum 5% in a month).

·         Insomnia or prolonged sleep.

·         Loss of or absence of body movements

·         Tiredness.

·         Absence of sexual desire.

·         Absence of concentration.

·         Inferiority complex.

·         Suicidal thoughts.


Prognosis of depression:

11 – 17% of patients who are suffering from sever depression might do suicide.



Homoeopathy is the most suitable, rapid and cheapest treatment for mental diseases. Homoeopathy has the power of cure them permanently in shortest duration. In Homoeopathy there is no need to take so many medicines for many years like in other ways (pathies) of treatment but patient becomes cured in few months of treatment. Though this depends on severity and individuality of patient. There are some misconceptions about Homoeopathy and I want to clear them, they are- Homoeopathic medicine acts very slow and there are so many precautions to be taken during Homoeopathic treatment, this is not true. My personal experience states that Homoeopathic medicines are more effective, act rapidly and there is no need to take so many precautions during treatment. Homoeopathy favors it that the cause of every disease is actually the mental disturbances. Although physical diseases seems as if they are superficial but actual cause is some mental disorder. Now so- called modern medical science is also agreed with it. So a Homoeopathic doctor can be the best psychiatrist and Homoeopathy can be the best pathy for mental disorders. There is one important point in Homoeopathy, which must be noted by all readers that if one Homoeopath could not cure a patient, it does not mean that this is the lacuna of Homoeopathy and there is no cure for that patient in homoeopathy, but other Homoeopath can cure same patient. So I want to say that “A Homoeopath can fail but Homoeopathy never fails”. One special feature of Homoeopathy is that, in this pathy patient is treated not the disease. So here patient is more important than disease, that’s why many incurable diseases can be treated easily by Homoeopathy. So in Homoeopathy treatment is not given to disease, but to the patient and for this Homoeopathic doctor must have full information and adequate knowledge about patient. That’s the reason why Homoeopathy is more effective in mental diseases.

Other considerable points: Besides above facts patient must be moved towards art, music, dance, entertainment activities and other positive activities. Take care of patient’s diet along with proper exercises and yoga can also be helpful in treatment of depression.


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