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Alopecia Areata

Your Hair

A single hair consists of a hair shaft (the part that shows), a root below the skin, and a follicle, from which the hair root grows. Hair is made of a type of protein called keratin. Most people lose about 50 to 100 head hairs a day. These hairs are replaced — they grow back in the same follicle on your head. This amount of hair loss is totally normal and no cause for worry. If you're losing more than that, though, something might be wrong.

Different phase of hair growth cycle

Anagen Phase – it is long growing phase of hair cycle followed by catagen phase
Catagen Phase – it is the short transitional apoptotic phase followed by telogen phase
Telogen Phase – it is the short resting phase followed by exogen phase
Exogen Phase – at the end of telogen phase the hair starts falling out that is called exogen phase.


Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness

Female Pattern Baldness

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