Homeopathic Medicines for Recurrent Upper Respiratory Tract Infection|U.R.T.I

Recurrent Upper respiratory Tract Infection occurs in children cases due to their low body immune power and also hypersensitive to certain antigens.

Role of Homeopathy :

Homeopathy remedies works very well in recurrent URTI and cures the case permanently.

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6 best Homeopathic Medicines for Recurrent Upper Respiratory Tract Infection U.R.T.I
Aconite N:-

In the first stages when the fever is high and has been preceded by a chill with engorgement of lungs, due to checked perspiration and exposure to cold draughts. Watery blood streaked expectoration, but never thick and blood streaked. Unnecessary anxiety and great restlessness.


Dry cough hurting the head and distant parts of the body with fever and great thirst for large quantities of water at long intervals. Patient wants to lie down quietly and does not want to be disturbed.


Cough with loud wheezing mucus rales all over chest with violent proxyism of coughing. Vomiting and sense of suffocation.

Antim Tart:-

Has the same symptoms as Ipec. Except that there is more prostration and cold sweat. Mucus rales throughout the chest; wheezing; loose cough but no phlegm. Labored breathing.


Respiration short, rapid, oppressive, difficult; cough dry, spasmodic; voice husky, hoarse, sometimes complete aphonia. Urine dark and scanty. Skin hot and dry bur moist on covered parts.

Sticta Pulm:-

Nose stuffed up. Mucus in the nose and throat with inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Headache with dull oppressive pains in the eye-balls and earache.


Cough with tickling in the throat which is worse by cold air, changes of temperature of air, talking and eating, As soon as the patient covers his head with bed clothes and breathes the same air over and over again, he will feel much better and there will be no cough; open the window, uncover the mouth and nose and the tickling and cough will become violent.

Hepar Sulph:-

When the cough begins to loosen with rattling, fatiguing and choking. Coughing into a choke is a valuable indication for this remedy.


In inflammatory bronchial catarrh with roughness and soreness down to the middle of the chest; a dry raw convulsive cough which is very exhausting, sputum watery, saliva yellow and mucopurulent.


An intercurrent remedy when the patches remain unabsorbed. It is also indicated when the well selected remedies fail.


Another important remedy which should be given at the commencement of the treatment or when the above remedies file to arrest or cure the disease.


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