Top Homeopathic Medicines for AUTISM or ASD Treatment


Autism is a developmental disorder that is characterized by impaired development in communication, social interaction, and behavior. Autism afflicts one out of every 100 to 166 children and it affects the lives of many children and their families. It tends to affect about five boys to every one girl. Autism is classified as a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), a category of disorders that is often described interchangeably with the broad spectrum of developmental disorders affecting young children and adults called the autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). Additionally, autism can be found in association with other disorders such as mental retardation and certain medical conditions. The degree of autism can range from mild to severe. Mildly affected individuals may appear very close to normal. Severely afflicted individuals may have an extreme intellectual disability and unable to function in almost any setting.

What are the symptoms of autism?

Three important features that are associated with autism:

  • impairment in social interaction
  • communication
  • behavior
Role of Homeopathy

Homeopathy helps a lot in Autism child. Any autism child if treated with classical constitutional homeopathy way of treatment then there is the maximum chance of getting cure from this obstinate disease. In our Multicare homeopathy online treatment center many Autism children have benefitted using our advanced homeopathic treatment packages. We apply the most scientific and research based homeopathy treatment package for this ailment that gives a long standing cure from this condition.

6 best Homeopathic Medicines for AUTISM or ASD Treatment

Agitated , restless, impatient but calm and quiet when carried. Violent desire for one thing but throws away when offered and asks for another. Intolerance of pain and sensitiveness of breasts in young girls are the ranking symptoms.


Nervous, excessively emotional, melancholic and sad. Tendency to grieve in silence, vexed. Sighs involuntarily Constantly yawns and weeps for nothing . Mental depression.


Unstable, changing humour. Timid and emotional, weeps for nothing, smiles in tears. Intellectual fatigue, absent-minded, irresolute, anxious, ungrateful. Fear of opposite sex. Insomnia. Complete absence of thirst. Acne.


Sad . Interested in nothing. Indifferent to everything; may it be play, reward, distinctions, etc. Nothing interests and nothing amuses. Low spirited and feels tired. Silently weeps in a corner. Very . emotional. Yellow spots on nose. Desire for vinegar, aversion to meat, cannot digest milk.


Greedy, irritated and cannot rest still. Always hungry, never satisfied. Rapid emaciation in spite of eating well. Malsecretion of glands, thyroid, axillary, mesenteric, inguinal etc.


Impulsive. Disagreeable to those whom he loves and respects-knows it is so, but cannot help it. Laughs in gave matters and becomes grave in minor things. Apprehensive, irritable, wicked, swears and curses. Better after eating.


Angry. Extremely irritable, expresses in violent words. Sudden outburst having no control over himself. Loss of self-confidence. Afraid to shoulder responsibility.Bad humour when waking up. Loss of memory.


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A K Garg
Jul 2018
A K Garg says...

In my view autistic children have some damaged or inactive brain cells. So, one should activates such calls. Brain cell activator ,homeopathic medicine should be useful.

Suddhasatwa nath
Jun 2018
First Poster
Suddhasatwa nath says...

Please suggest treatment for autism