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Dr. RangadharSatapathy (Qulification: BHMS,MD)

Dr.RangadharSatapathy - MD (Hom) is a well experienced globally recognized homeopathic physician treating patients from more than 100+ countries and has an excellent track record of cure rate more than 95 % in different diseases. Many critical non curable cases like brain tumor, cancer, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic bronchial asthma, thalassemia few from the long list of the diseases has been successfully cured by his modern, scientific, and advanced approach of homeopathy treatment. He applies both clinical and classical approach in his all treatment. His treatment is based on the clinical research and experience gained last two decades of his practice. He has proved in his treatment that homeopathy works and gives better result in many diseases both in acute and chronic cases than the usual conventional treatment. There are thousands of witness of his excellent treatment who have narrates their own experience in the testimonial section how they have benefitted from his treatment. His successful treatment has built the confidence in the mind of many people on homeopathy therapy. According to him treatment is not just to treat a patient but to feel his pain, his emotion and to give respect to the trust he has for you.

Dr. Gouri Sankar Sahu (Qulification: BHMS)

Dr.Gouri Sankar Sahu is a Homoeopath in Bhubaneswar and has an experience of 15 years in this field.Over the years he has given 400+ health awareness specialises in treatment of acute as well as chronic ailments including allergic bronchitis, asthma, arthritis, migraine, hair fall, irritable bowel syndrome, skin diseases, piles, musculo–skeletal disorders, children's diseases, digestive problems, genito–urinary disorders and gynaecological disorders,thyroid disorders, gastric complaints, piles fissures fistula, allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, migraine, arthritis and spondylitis, skin complaints, pediatric complaints, infertility and PCOD etc

Dr. Subhashree Das (Qulification: BHMS)

Dr. Subhashree Das applies the most unique advanced, scientific approach of homeopathy treatment. Her treatment consist of two parts – I) First to give relief from the acute painful condition in a very short period with his specially design homeopathy treatment packages and ii) to give a long term cure to the specific health condition by the classical constitutional treatment. So her unique approach of treatment offer a quick, effective, positive and permanent cure to any disease condition.She has been treating patients from all over the country and from many different countries internationally such as London, Germany, USA, Scotland, France, Mexico, Canada, Bhutan, Dubai, and China. She has known for his calm, friendly, warm & compassionate approach, she believes in treating his patients very friendly.We provide Comprehensive personalized care for every patient we see. If you are suffering from signs, symptoms, ailments, diseases or conditions which requires consultation or an expert opinion from a top doctor in Homeopathy, for your Family get in touch with Dr. Subhashree for a transparent, dependable & patient-centric care. 


Dr. Kamal Kumari Parida (Qulification: BHMS)

Dr. Kamal Kumari Parida is a Homoeopath in Bhubaneswar and has an experience of 6 years in this field.She specializes in acute as well as chronic ailments, especially in allergic, asthma, arthritis, migraine, hair fall, irritable bowel syndrome, skin diseases, piles, musculoskeletal disorders, children's diseases, digestive problems, genitourinary disorders and gynecological disorders, among others.She is especially expertise in acute diseases as well as chronic illness.She believes in care and cure!