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How do I get an AWS certification?

There are no steps that can be taken to earn an AWS certification. There are steps you can take to increase your chances of success.

You can enroll in a certification training program for any AWS certification. This course will give you a complete understanding of AWS as well as increase your knowledge and skills in cloud computing and AWS.

Read the AWS exam guides as well as as many whitepapers. They contain valuable data that could answer most exam questions.

Practice is vital. Practice all the online practice tests.

Only schedule your exam after you are fully prepared. To ensure your readiness, you will need to prepare for between 80 and 120 hours. This includes studying, taking tests, and reading through other resources. The specific role-based certification that you are applying for will determine the duration.

Amazon offers eleven certifications. They are available at the foundational, associate and professional levels as well as specialty levels. You can take a closer look to determine which one is best for you.

AWS Certifications

Foundational AWS Certifications

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner:

This is the latest AWS certification. The AWS Ce





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