Homeopathic Medicines for Upper Respiratory Tract Infection|U.R.T.I


Acute Upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) is the common infection in every season specifically at rainy and winter season. The vast majority of infections are caused by viruses. The common symptoms of viral URTI include

  • Nasal discharge
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal congestion or stuffy nose
  • Nasal breathing
  • Cough
  • Scratchy or sore throat
  • Fever


Scope of Homeopathy Treatment in acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI)

Homeopathy helps to cure the diseases by boosting the body’ own immune system. Every individual are different in their physical level, mental level, and in emotional level. All people do not react in the equal way to a stress. The strength of immune system to fight for a disease varies from person to person. Similarly also all people does not react on the equal way for a particular disease basing on their strength of immune system. The intensity or characteristic of manifestation of symptoms of a particular disease also varies from person to person basing on their body immune strength. Therefore to strengthen the immune system of a patient it is required to take the detailed case history in homeopathic way and to select or diagnose the specific set of medicines for that patient and if give that can be helpful to boost his / her immune system to eradicate the disease naturally.

Nasal Discharge:
  • Nasal discharge more on exposure to south wind: Euphrsia .
  • Nasal discharge more on exposure to north east wind wind- Allium cepa
  • Nasal discharge more by cold dry wind : Aconite, spongia
  • Nasal discharge corrosive or burning the part it comes in contact: Allium cepa, Amonium carb. Amonium mur, Arum-trif, lac. caninum. Mercurius
  • Nasal discharge worse on exposure to cold air : aesculus.
  • Nasal discharge better on exposure to open air: Allium cepa
  • Nasal discharge worse on exposure to open air: Nux vom
  • Nasal discharge associate with coughing : Bell, Euphrasia, Ipecac
Runny Nose:
  • Runny nose more profuse: Allium cepa, arum. triph, euphrasia,
  • Runny nose more at morning and day time : euphrasia, Nux vom
  • Runny nose more at evening : allium cepa
  • Runny nose more on sitting in a warm room: All. c, nux. v.
Sneezing :
  • Sneezing: all. c, arg. m, arum. t, Cina, Merc, phos, Sabad, squil, Stict.
  • Sneezing more at morning: all. c.
  • Sneezing more at Night: arum. t.
  • Paroxysmal sneezing one after another: sabad, tab.
  • Sneezing occur if put hands in water : Lac de, phos
Nasal Congestion or Stuffy Nose
  • Nasal congestion or stuffy nose: am. c, Arum. t, aur, bor, Ka. bi, Lyc, Nat. c, Nux. v, Samb, Stict.
  • Nasal congestion especially on left side more: am. c, lac. c, mag. m
  • Nasal congestion more at night, must breath through mouth : Am. c, Lyc, nat. c, Nux. v.
  • Nasal congestion Alternate sides : Lac. c.
  • Nasal congestion more every time he goes to cold air: Hep
  • Nasal congestion or stuffy nose inspite of watery discharge: Am. c, Arum. t, Samb, sinap.
  • Cough more at daytime : Euphr, fe,Nat.s, staph.
  • Cough more at morning: ambr, hep, Nuv.v, psor , Sulp.
  • Cough more at morning on waking from bed : Nux.v, Psor
  • Cough with Expectoration: ambr,Hyos.
  • Cough more at afternoon at 4p.m. daily :mill, Lyc.
  • Cough more at Evening : ambr ,Hep, lyc, phos , psor, Puls, spong
  • Cough more at night : Acon, Bell,Cham, con, dros, eup. per, hep, Hyos. Med,Merc,Puls,sang,Sil,sulp.
  • Cough is more before midnight : hep
  • Cough is more after midnight: am.c, Dros
  • Cough is more at early owards 3to 4 am- am.c, ka.c, thuj.
  • Cough is more on exposure to cold air: Acon, Hep, Phos, Rumx, spong.
  • Coughing sound is barking type: Acon, Hep, Dros, iod, Spong,verb.
  • Cough worse on lying position: aral, Caust, Con, dros, Hyos, ka. br, lach, med, phos, Rumx. Spong.
  • Cough is more on taking cold water: hep,spong
  • Cough is better on taking warm water- Caust, Cup
  • Dry types cough : Acon, am, c, apoc, Brom, bry, cham, cina, caust,Hyos, ign,lod, ip. Ka, br, Ka.c, Mang, med,merc, myrt, naja, rhus. t. Rumx, samb,sang, Spong, squil, stan, ter.
  • Dry cough more at night: Night : Am.c, cham, Dros, Hep, Hyos, Lach ,Phos,Puls, rumx,sang, stict.
  • Cough more from eating: bry, dros, hyos, phos,
  • Croup, also known as laryngotracheobronchitis which obstructs breathing and causes a characteristic
  • barking cough: acet,ac, acon, brom, Hep,Samb,Spong, staph.
  • Productive cough : apoc, dulc, eup.per, ka.s, nux.m, nat.s, sang, squil
  • Paroxysmal cough one after another : act,ambr. Caps, Cina, con,crot.t, Cup,Dros,Hyos, ip, ka.c , merc,Stan.
  • Cough causes suffocation, difficult in breathin: acon,crot.t, Cup, Hep, Ip, Samb.
Scratchy or sore throat:
  • Sore throat:Acon, aesc, aloe, bapt, Bar. c, Bell, Caps, Hep, Lach, lac. c, merc. b. i, merc. p. i, psor, sabad, Rhus. t.
  • Sore throat more on Right side: Bell, Lyc, merc. p. i.
  • Sore throat more on left side : Lach, merc. b. i.
  • Sore throat start at left side then extend to right side: lac. c, Lach, sabad.
  • Sore throat worse on Swallowing of both solid and liquid : alum, Arg. m, Arum. t, ka. c, Lac. c, lach, Merc, merc. b. t, mec. p. i, phyt, psor, sabad
  • Sore throat worse on Swallowing Liquid : Bell, bry, ign, Lach, merc. b. i.
  • Burning pain in throat : aesc, ars, bell, canth, Caps, caust, iris, Lyc, phyt, Psor, Sang, Sulp.
  • Fever more at morning: Cham, Eup.Per,Nat.M, Nux.V,Sulp
  • Fever more at forenoon: cham, eup.per, nat.m, sulp.
  • Fever more at Afternoon: apis, ars, bell, calc, chel, gels, ign, nit.ac, phos, puls, sulp.
  • Fever more at evening : acom, bell, chin, hep, lyc,puls, rhus.t, sulp
  • Fever more at night : bapt, bell, bry, cina, merc, nit.ac, sulp.
  • Fever more at Midnight :Ars.rhus.t.
  • Fever more before midnight: Bry,Calad, graph.
  • Fever more after midnight: Ars, ka.c.
  • Fever associates with chill: Acon, apis, Bell, eup.per, eup. pur, Ign, meny, Nit.ac, Nux.v.
  • Epidemic flu fever- eup. Per ,lac. c.


How to select the medicines?

Though there are few general symptoms of URTI, but each symptom has been sub divided into many sub symptoms. Each sub symptoms contain few homeopathic medicines. In homeopathic way of case taking all the sub symptoms are confirmed by the patient and then noted separately. In this process a list of sub symptoms are chosen and from them few medicines are finalized as the final prescription of the patient. Those medicines are only meant for that particular patient.